[ESS] ESS sas-mode: change comment style

Richard M. Heiberger rmh at temple.edu
Mon Nov 5 02:56:00 CET 2007

Here is a temporary solution.  I hope Rodney will integrate it
into the next release of ESS.

Place these two defuns in a new file ess-sas-comment-switch.el
Load the file from dired with uppercase L.

Open myfile.sas and enter
M-x ess-sas-comment-slash-star

Then M-; will use the /* */ comment style.
Reverse it with the other function.

(defun ess-sas-comment-star-star ()
  "Change SAS comment-style to '** comment **;' ."
  (setq comment-start "** ") 
  (setq comment-end   " **;"))

(defun ess-sas-comment-slash-star ()
  "Change SAS comment-style to '/* comment */' ."
  (setq comment-start "/* ") 
  (setq comment-end   " */"))

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I'd like to change the sas comment style from
** ***************** **;
** This is a comment **;
** ***************** **;
/* ***************** */
/* This is a comment */
/* ***************** */

How do I do that? What variables do I have to configure? What hooks 
should i use?

A Note to ESS developers:
As SAS does not treat comments like "** **;" as comments in all 
situations (e.g. in macros, on same line as commands), I prefer "/* */".
I suggest a flexible, easy way to change between those comment styles as 
both have their advantages and drawbacks.(cf. 

Best, Will

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