[ESS] BUGS mode

Rodney Sparapani rsparapa at mcw.edu
Mon Jun 18 16:19:07 CEST 2007

John P. Burkett wrote:
> Stephen Eglen wrote:
>> ess-site.el has the following snippet to set auto-mode-alist
>>            ;("\\.[Bb][Uu][Gg]\\'"         . ess-bugs-mode)
>>            ("\\.[Bb][Oo][Gg]\\'"         . ess-bugs-mode)
>>            ("\\.[Bb][Mm][Dd]\\'"         . ess-bugs-mode)
>>            ("\\.[Jj][Mm][Dd]\\'"         . ess-jags-mode)

> Thank you very much for your responses.  I've now upgraded to ESS 5.3.3 
> and still encounter the same problem with .bug files.
> I'm grateful to you for noting that a line relating to .bug is commented 
> out in the ess-site.el file.  When I uncomment that line and insert it 
> in ess-site.elc and then open a .bug file with Emacs, the response is 
> "File mode specification error: (void-function bugs-mode)".
> Doing M-x ess-bugs-mode gets the response "[No match]".
> Best regards,
> John

Hi John:

There is no default for .bug files since now there are 2 slightly
different implementations of the "BUGS language" (for lack of a
better term).  We now have JAGS which also uses .bug.  And, BUGS
itself is a legacy only since it is no longer supported and JAGS
is the future of BUGS on Unix AFAICS.  So, there is no sensible
default for .bug files.  Here's a snippet from the README file:

Changes/New Features in 5.3.2:

     * Classic BUGS now supported by (require 'essd-bugs) with ESS[BUGS] 
and JAGS by (require 'essd-jags) with ESS[JAGS]. But, only one of them 
can be used at a time since they don't play nice together. Also, C-c C-c 
is now bound to the function ess-bugs-next-action (F12 has been 
retired). And finally, note that essl-bug.el is deprecated and the 
replacement is essl-bugs.el.


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