[ESS] Adjustment to C-c C-p behavior

António Ferreira asfe at di.fc.ul.pt
Sun Dec 10 14:41:38 CET 2006

Martin Maechler wrote:
> Hmm, something like the following somewhere in your ~/.emacs
> or site-init/default.el or ... file is rather recommended.
> We cannot build it into our own startup file "ess-site.el",
> since 'comint' is used in many other places than just ESS,
> and ESS is not allowed to overwrite global comint settings :
>  (eval-after-load
>    "comint"
>    '(progn
>       (setq comint-scroll-to-bottom-on-output 'others) ; not current
>       ;;=default: (setq comint-scroll-to-bottom-on-input nil)
>       (setq comint-scroll-show-maximum-output t) ;;; this is the key
>       (define-key comint-mode-map [up]
>         'comint-previous-matching-input-from-input)
>       (define-key comint-mode-map [down]
>         'comint-next-matching-input-from-input)
>       (define-key comint-mode-map "\C-a" 'comint-bol)
>       )
>    )
> I think this should also solve your problem that *R* is "not showing 
> the latest output". Can you please try that?
 > [...]


After studying and trying your suggestion, I have to say that it works, 
produces more smooth output scrolling, and keeps the ESS code untouched.

In the end, I did change my .emacs file, indirectly, using the 
customization setup for the 'comint' group. Here is the relevant part of 
the configuration:

   ;; custom-set-variables was added by Custom.
   ;; ...
   '(comint-move-point-for-output (quote others))
   ;; ...

The variable 'comint-scroll-to-bottom-on-output', that you mentioned 
above, is an alias for 'comint-move-point-for-output.'

António Ferreira

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