[ESS] about ess-rdired

Stephen Eglen S.J.Eglen at damtp.cam.ac.uk
Thu Dec 7 13:01:44 CET 2006

Martin Ivanov writes:
 > Hello!

 > I am running Slackware Linux 11.0 with kernel 2.6.18, emacs
 > (GnuEmacs) emacs-21.4a-i486-3 and ess-5.3.3. I untarred the ess
 >  souce, and compiled and  installed with "make" and "gmake install" as
 > recommended in the instructions. R works ok within emacs. The only
 > problem is with the file "ess-rdired.el", which has to be loaded when
 > typing M-x ess-rdired. Actually that file was not installed on my
 > system like, for example the ess-site file, which is in
 > /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/ess-site.el. The ess-dired file is still
 > in the directory that was generated by the untarring of the
 > source. So in my .emacs file I have to load the ess-dired file from
 > my local directory, instead of from some system directory. I think
 > there is some way that the ess-dired.el file goes to
 > some system directory, /usr/share/emacs/ess-lisp, for example. 
 > Probably something has to be tweaked in the Makeconf file, so that
 > "gmake install" send the file ess-rdired to
 > /usr/share/emacs/ess-lisp as well?

Thanks for this; I added ess-rdired.el a long time ago, but never
added it to the Makefil.  Martin has fixed this for the next release
(thanks Martin!).


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