[ESS] [R] ESS and Emacs

Mark Leeds Mleeds at kellogggroup.com
Sat Dec 31 19:34:45 CET 2005

I started part 3 of Kasper's document
and installed ESS without a problem
but now I'm stuck because this part
definitely needs a .emacs file.

If someone happens to be reading
this and can let me know if it's okay
for me to create one myself ( and where
should it go ) and then put
the load command in, that would be great.

I did a search for a .emacs file ( the
one positive thing about this 3
day ESS journey is that I have gotten
more familiar with windows tools etc )
and it only comes back with

.emacs.d which is a folder
OTHER.EMACSES which is a file.



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Dear Martin,

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>     John> Dear Paul and Mark,
>     John> I've just taken a look at the current XEmacs setup 
> program for Windows, and
>     John> it has changed significantly since the document to 
> which you referred was
>     John> last updated (about a year ago). In particular, the 
> XEmacs setup no longer
>     John> gives you the option to install all packages, as I 
> recommended. Among these
>     John> is ess, which is not in the small set of packages 
> that XEmacs currently
>     John> installs, nor does ess seem to be available via the 
> packages tool in XEmacs.
>     John> I'm copying this response to the ESS help list, and 
> will remove the
>     John> XEmacs/ESS document on my web site so that people 
> aren't further misled.
> Hmm,
> in addition to Tony's explanation...
> {and I hope you don't hate me for stating "the obvious":} it 
> would probably still be more useful if you *updated*  your 
> page instead of removing it....

OK, I'll do that, but there seem to me to be two obstacles: (1) As I
understand it, I'll have to wait for version 21.4.19 of Xemacs. (2) Many
the people at which the document is aimed -- relatively inexperienced
Windows users -- will have trouble dealing with the ESS tarball; it
would be
much easier if they could simply get ess as an XEmacs package. 

A couple of other comments: When I wrote the original version of this
document (three or four years ago), I found XEmacs easier to use on
than GNU Emacs, but that might no longer be true. As well, I no longer
Emacs in my own work, so I'm not an ideal person to maintain the
instructions. I'm willing to do so, however, unless someone else wants
take over.


> Martin
> {who has a link on the ESS web page which points to John's page...}
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