ess-emacs-5.2.2 rpms available

Paul Johnson pauljohn at
Sun Sep 19 23:41:47 CEST 2004

Dear ESS users:

I have some RPMS you can use if you like ess, use Emacs, and have Fedora 
Core 2.

I put the SRPM, spec file and the rpm debug file in the same directory.

If somebody with posting access to the ESS site wants to post a link or 
post copies, that will be fine with me.

I believe if you have another rpm based linux, you should download the file:

and then run

rpmbuild --rebuild ess-emacs-5.2.2-1fc2.src.rpm

and it will build you  your own RPM file.

I'm attaching to this email the small patch that I applied. This 
addresses the problem that Stephen mentioned below and also addresses 
some of the packaging problems.  I do think it is very important that 
this RPM should make ESS work well without any additional user 
configuration--no messing about in ~/.emacs or such.  And this does work.

I DO wish I knew how to fix the make process in ESS in order to make 
package creation more standard.  The big problem I see is that the 
prefix option to make install is ignored. If you do

make prefix=/tmp/ess install

it just ignores the prefix and tries to install according to the 
settings in the Makefile.

same happens if you try the newer style

make DESTDIR=/tmp/ess install

Stephen Eglen wrote:
> Paul Johnson writes:

> hi Paul
> this is a bug in the ESS code.  It is a very simple fix though, rather
> than waiting for 5.2.3:
> change line 229 of lisp/ess-mode.el from:
>      ["No other R or Sqpe versions" R nil])
> to:
>      ["No other R or Sqpe versions" nil nil])
> i.e. change R to nil.
> stephen

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