ess-5.2.2 building rpms for fc2; one quirk

Stephen Eglen S.J.Eglen at
Sun Sep 19 14:02:43 CEST 2004

Paul Johnson writes:
 > Hey, everybody
 > I'm packaging up ess-emacs rpms for 5.2.2 for Fedora Core 2 linux 
 > systems (I know, about time) and ESS runs fine, but I notice one config 
 > quirk and I want to understand it.
 > When Emacs starts, M-x R does work to start R its own window (I love 
 > that).
 > The funny bit is that the R icon in the ESS menu bar thing across the 
 > top is grayed out, and when you hover the mouse on it, it says "No other 
 > R or Sqpe versions".  However, the s-plus button, right next to it, is 
 > not grayed-out, even though I don't have s-plus it will let me click on 
 > that button and then return an error.
 > The R button did lite up in ESS-5.2.1 and i could launch R there.
 > So it must mean I missed a config switch?
 > My Emacs is the one FC2 delivers, 21.3.1, nothing fancied up.

hi Paul
this is a bug in the ESS code.  It is a very simple fix though, rather
than waiting for 5.2.3:

change line 229 of lisp/ess-mode.el from:
     ["No other R or Sqpe versions" R nil])

     ["No other R or Sqpe versions" nil nil])

i.e. change R to nil.


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