[ESS] 'Lisp nesting exceeds 'max-lisp-eval-depth''

Scot W McNary smcnary at charm.net
Tue Nov 9 23:41:05 CET 2004


This fixed it. Thanks, Scot

On Tue, 9 Nov 2004, Stephen Eglen wrote:

> hi Scot,
> did you try the latest ESS (5.2.3) and the recent suggestion from John
> Fox to try a different ess-site.el:
> http://socserv.mcmaster.ca/jfox/Books/Companion/ESS/
> -----
> Note: At the time of writing, a bug in the ESS file ess-site.el is
> causing ESS not to load properly, reporting an error message such as,
> "Invalid read syntax: 'Cannot read unreadable object'." The ESS folks
> are aware of the problem and will fix it, but as an interim solution,
> if you encounter this error, replace the file ess-site.el with the
> repaired one below; you also have to remove ess-site.elc. Instead of
> literally replacing and removing these files, I suggest that you
> rename the originals to something like ess-site.el.dist and
> ess-site.elc.dist. Note that these files are (in a standard XEmacs
> installation) in the directory C:\Program
> Files\XEmacs\xemacs-packages\lisp\ess.
> -----
> Stephen

   Scot W. McNary  email:smcnary at charm.net

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