ESS 5.2.1: ess-toolbar, buffer process issue

Rodney Sparapani rsparapa at
Wed Jun 30 03:52:56 CEST 2004

> I am running under Mac OS 10.3.4, working from the command line in an
> x11 terminal window (emacs  I am using the R1.9.0 image
> from CRAN.  In order to get ESS to work I had to disable (load
> 'ess-toolbar); maybe that is not unexpected?  The first part of the
> output from the debugger was:
> Debugger entered--Lisp error: (file-error "Cannot open load file"
> "image")
>    find-image(((:type xpm :file "startr.xpm") (:type pbm :file
> "startr.pbm" :fore
> ground "black" :background "grey75") (:type xbm :file "startr.xbm"
> :foreground "
> black" :background "grey75")))
> A minor annoyance is that when I type C-cC-q to exit, having done
> nothing much more than execute 1+1, if I then answer "y" to the
> question "Delete all buffers associated with the R process", I get
> either the message "Current buffer has no process", or (having exited
> by typing in q() directly and restarted with M-X R)  "Matches
> /Users/johnmq(... [1-]" or some extension thereof.  (This is also the
> 5.2.0 behaviour.  I had been using 5.2.0rc3).
> If I respond with "n", I am able to exit normally.
> John Maindonald.


Not sure about the R problem.  I haven't seen that.  But, the image
problem is known for Mac emacs.  Image support was added
into CVS only very recently for Mac, within the last month.  So, unless 
have been routinely doing a "cvs update"; you probably don't have it.  
update emacs or stick with ESS 5.2.0.  I think there will be a new 
emacs release RSN that
should address image support on Mac for those who don't want to roll 
their own.

Thanks, Rodney

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