how to not indent a comment

Tim Hesterberg timh at
Tue Jun 1 21:19:29 CEST 2004

>Jean Eid <jeaneid at> writes:
>> Hi All,
>> Can someone tell me how to make ess not indent comments in the buffer.
>> Preferrably I just want to do this as a local variable and not affect my
>> preferences for commenting other types of files.
>Use "###" as the comment character for flush left,
>"##" for "indent to code indentation"
>"#" for "indent to the right"

I think you can also do:
	(setq ess-fancy-comments nil)
That would make the "indent to code indentation" universal.

If that is not what you want, consider modifying ess-indent-line.

Caveat - I haven't tested ess-fancy-comments.  I use my own customized
versions of the indentation functions, which give the "##" behavior
universally (have done so since before ess-fancy-comments existed),
and cannot easily revert to a standard setup.

Tim Hesterberg

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