command line arguments to R

Stephen Eglen S.J.Eglen at
Tue Aug 24 19:05:10 CEST 2004

The current development version of ESS has a new variable,
inferior-R-args, that allows you to set command line args to pass to
R.  This is in response to recent requests on the list (e.g. from Andy
Liaw and Pierre Kleiber):

 > I normally get R started within ess using a bash script containing:
 >    emacs -f R
 > I'm searching for a way to add a command line argument to R, but with no 
 > luck so far.  I figure some kind of lisp wrapper function would do, but my 
 > lisp abilities are very primitive.  Any suggestions?

So, to answer Pierre's email, with the latest version, you can now do:

emacs --eval='(let ((inferior-R-args "-q --no-save")) (R))'

or just put (setq inferior-R-args "-q --no-save") in your .emacs.

As a reminder:

To get the latest development version of ESS, you need a the
subversion client `svn' configured with `--with-ssl' support.  You can
then do:

%  svn checkout ess-svn


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