ESS development, WWW-site, and core developer group changes

A.J. Rossini rossini at
Wed Aug 4 23:17:17 CEST 2004

Important Changes being made to the Emacs Speaks Statistics project: 

1. Primary WWW Home Page has moved!


2. The primary download site has moved!


which is currently mirroring the soon-to-be-defunct UW site.

3.  Coming soon (but not yet working this morning):  Easier aliases!

4. There is now access to the latest version under development! 

You can always obtain the most current version of ESS by simply
checking it out using a Subversion client ("svn" on the commandline,
psvn or vc-svn for Emacs :-), or a GUI-based tool such as TortoiseSVN
which integrates into the windows explorer on Microsoft operating
systems.  The ESS subversion repository is located at:

and while you can browse using a WWW browser, please use a subversion
client instead to minimize the load when retrieving.

For example, anyone can grab a copy with the "svn" command line client by:

      svn checkout ess-svn

and it creates a directory ess-svn with up-to-date sources.

5. Some more internal ESS Core changes:

   a. The WWW site and repository are being placed under Martin
      Maechler's control, to ETH-Z.  The primary WWW Home page for ESS
      is now at ETH-Z, and the home page at the University of
      Washington will be moth-balled (along with most other content)
      "Real Soon Now" (tm).

      We are very greatful to Martin for this!

   b. I am taking a leave of absence from the University of Washington
      and will be spending next year (hopefully, much longer) at Novartis
      AG, in Basel, Switzerland, just down the (rail)road from Martin,
      getting there around the end of September.

      It's only  a coincidence that both myself and the
      repository/WWW-page are both moving to Switzerland :-).

   c. I'll be taking a far less prominent role with this project,
      stepping down as many of the past project leaders and developers
      have (a quite famous list, including: Doug Bates, Mike Meyer, Ed
      Kademan, Frank Ritter, and David Smith, among others).

      This is now a 15 year old project (1989 is the oldest
      "copyright" in the current source, though I thought I recalled a
      1988 datestamp eons ago at StatLib).  This makes ESS probably
      the oldest on-going open source statistics-related software

   d. The appearance of fresh blood and activity (Rodney Sparapani and
      Stephen Eglen) give me confidence that this project will
      continue on into the future.  I'm looking forward to the
      eventual release of version 6.0 in the near future.


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