customizing ess 5.2.2 toolbar

Stephen Eglen stephen at
Mon Aug 2 23:19:55 CEST 2004

Jack Tanner writes:
 > >   M-x customize-variable RET ess-toolbar-items RET
 > Thanks for your suggestions. I tried this method of customizing the 
 > toolbar, and it added the following to the custom-set-variables call in 
 > ~/.emacs:
 >   '(ess-toolbar-items (quote ((ess-eval-line-and-step "rline" "Eval line 
 > & step") (ess-eval-region "rregion" "Eval region") (ess-load-file 
 > "rbuffer" "Load file") (ess-eval-function "rfunction" "Eval function") 
 > (ess-switch-to-ESS "switch_ess" "Switch to ESS buffer"))))

hi jacak, can you check that the above entry comes BEFORE your entry 
in .emacs where ESS is loaded?  (SHould be loaded by some line
like (require 'ess-site).  The toolbar is generated only once at
startup, so if you modify it after the file is loaded, the changes
wont have any effect.

 > (Incidentally, the R invocation button is broken -- it doesn't detect R 
 > on my system, Fedora Core 2 with R-1.9.1-0.fdr.1.2.)
Eek!  Does M-x R work?

 >  >   (setq ess-use-toolbar nil)
 > Sigh. This doesn't work either -- nothing happens when I add this to 
 > ~/.emacs.

same as for the custom argument. Failing that, go to a stripped down
.emacs containting just:

(setq ess-use-toolbar nil)
(require 'ess-site)

and see if that (and M-x R) works.

thanks,s tephen

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