customizing ess 5.2.2 toolbar

Jack Tanner ihok at
Mon Aug 2 20:06:20 CEST 2004

>   M-x customize-variable RET ess-toolbar-items RET

Thanks for your suggestions. I tried this method of customizing the 
toolbar, and it added the following to the custom-set-variables call in 

  '(ess-toolbar-items (quote ((ess-eval-line-and-step "rline" "Eval line 
& step") (ess-eval-region "rregion" "Eval region") (ess-load-file 
"rbuffer" "Load file") (ess-eval-function "rfunction" "Eval function") 
(ess-switch-to-ESS "switch_ess" "Switch to ESS buffer"))))

Unfortunately, this code does not affect the ESS toolbar in any way. The 
buttons I removed (the invocations for R and S-Plus) are still part of 
the toolbar.

(Incidentally, the R invocation button is broken -- it doesn't detect R 
on my system, Fedora Core 2 with R-1.9.1-0.fdr.1.2.)

 >   (setq ess-use-toolbar nil)

Sigh. This doesn't work either -- nothing happens when I add this to 

I'm happy to provide configuration details to help diagnose this. Please 
CC me when responding, as I'm not subscribed to the list.

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