Ess rpms are for Emacs only

Paul E. Johnson pauljohn at
Sat Nov 22 19:24:24 CET 2003

Sorry if there is confusion among Xemacs users.  The ESS rpms I 
announced yesterday are intended only for users of Emacs, not Xemacs

I'm relabeling the rpm package from "ess" to "ess-emacs" to try to keep 
this clear.  I've noticed things are labeled this was on the atRPMS site.
I'm not planning to build an RPM for Xemacs because I've just learned 
that Xemacs package "xemacs-sumo" already contains a version of ESS and 
it is not feasible for a separate ESS rpm package to update those 
files.  Sorry, I've tried, but the way Xemacs is packaged drives me nuts.

In case you want the files, you can go shopping here.

The rpms and srpms are there. 

I hope they work for you .  All that should be necessary is to start 
emacs and type "M-x R" and away you go.

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