Old nag: where are RPMs?

A.J. Rossini rossini at blindglobe.net
Thu Mar 27 23:36:25 CET 2003

Chris Gale <kiwidoc at pl.net> writes:

> There is a flaw in xemacs: the ftp client (as installed from the distro
> does not allow anonymous ftp. You find that you can't update, or
> download. 

That isn't an XEmacs flaw, that is your distribution's flaw.  I have
no problems with XEmacs in other settings (Microsoft Windows, MacOSX,
or Debian Linux).

> I'm going to have to do it the other way and re-learn how to play with
> .el files... Job for the weekend. I'll also tyr atp-rpm and see it that
> works ;-)

Good luck...


> Chris Gale,
> On Fri, 2003-03-28 at 02:23, A.J. Rossini wrote:
>> Chris Gale <kiwidoc at pl.net> writes:
>> > For those of us who are computer challenged, where are (1) current RPMs
>> > that WORK for ESS or (2) where to you extract the tarball and how do you
>> > configure it. Assume that I don't know how to configure emacs (I don't).
>> 1. Unfortunately, I gave up on redhat (and rpms) back in 1995...  I'm
>> not sure who is packaging ESS in that format, we probably ought to,
>> but unfortunately, no one has time.
>> 2. Extract it anywhere that you have write permission, and there
>> should be two lines to add to the .emacs file in your home directory.
>> > I'm fully aware that in debian this is easy -- but my desktop/server
>> > crashes on Libranet, (it runs on my laptop).
>> Another approach would be to follow the hints for installing via
>> XEmacs, rather than XEmacs.   That should be easier for the
>> computer-challenged.  
>> There are links at 
>> http://software.biostat.washington.edu/wikis/front/EmacsSpeaksStatistics,
>> I think, or at the homepage, 
>> http://software.biostat.washington.edu/statsoft/ess/
>> best,
>> -tony

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