Old nag: where are RPMs?

A.J. Rossini rossini at blindglobe.net
Thu Mar 27 15:23:25 CET 2003

Chris Gale <kiwidoc at pl.net> writes:

> For those of us who are computer challenged, where are (1) current RPMs
> that WORK for ESS or (2) where to you extract the tarball and how do you
> configure it. Assume that I don't know how to configure emacs (I don't).

1. Unfortunately, I gave up on redhat (and rpms) back in 1995...  I'm
not sure who is packaging ESS in that format, we probably ought to,
but unfortunately, no one has time.

2. Extract it anywhere that you have write permission, and there
should be two lines to add to the .emacs file in your home directory.

> I'm fully aware that in debian this is easy -- but my desktop/server
> crashes on Libranet, (it runs on my laptop).

Another approach would be to follow the hints for installing via
XEmacs, rather than XEmacs.   That should be easier for the

There are links at 


I think, or at the homepage, 



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