Setting up ESS for Win2000

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Fri Jan 3 21:28:47 CET 2003

Oops, I've encountered another problem.  I was indeed able to start R, but
when I quit R, emacs froze.  After a little experimentation, this seems to
occur only after I have created a plot in a graphics window.  (And even
after I've closed the window.)

Specifically, I was running R fine, I created a plot, and I closed the plot
window (I did this with every means I could think of:, going
through the graphics window's file menu, and simply clicking on the "close
window" Windows icon).  Then I entered "q()", entered "n" at the "Save
workspace image?" prompt, and then emacs hung.

This does not happen if I have never created a plot.

Thanks for all help.


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Ah, yes, that did the trick!



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Dear Jim,

Having the bin subdirectory for R, in which rterm.exe resides, on the
search path suffices for me using XEmacs under Windows 2000. You could try
adding the following line to your .emacs file (altering the path, of
course, to reflect the location of rterm.exe on your system):

(setq-default inferior-R-program-name "c:/Program

I hope that this helps,

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