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Faheem Mitha <faheem at> writes:

> On Sat, 15 Feb 2003, A.J. Rossini wrote:
> However, in an attempt to clarify, let me just explain that I am a
> graduate student (hopefully not for much longer) and in my time as a
> student I have been constantly dealing with rude, arrogant, and
> incompetent tenured faculty who treat graduate students like dirt, and
> don't believe they need to do their jobs properly (teaching or research)
> since they are tenured, but are more than willing to blame graduate
> students for not doing theirs. Frankly, I have grown rather disgusted and
> embittered with this treatment.  Hence my off-the-cuff remark, which I
> suppose was an attempt at black humour.

I understand your points.  But they really don't apply here, or
perhaps more so at this stage, to our "relative project", R.  Note
that except for a small minority, most of the members are senior
faculty who are doing exactly the opposite of what you describe.

General negative remarks of the form you made are not particularly
welcome.  Supporting open source software while disparaging a rank of
people to which the majority of statistically-relevant software
developers belong is rather silly and inconsistent.

You might also think a bit more about what others are saying -- you
present only one side of the picture, but I can think of plenty of
situations like yours where students "just don't get it".  Perhaps you
do, but it isn't clear.

Back to our usual support of ESS.  Patches, documentation, code, and
bugs welcome.


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