calling Splus 6 help from within emacs etc.

Faheem Mitha faheem at
Sun Feb 16 01:37:59 CET 2003

On Sat, 15 Feb 2003, A.J. Rossini wrote:

> Faheem Mitha <faheem at> writes:

> So don't even get me started.  I'm up for promotion next year, and
> it's a toss-up.  So I do NOT find your insulting comment funny or
> remotely amusing.

Just to clarify. The comment was not meant to be insulting. I don't really
understand why you would find it insulting. Perhaps you misunderstood me.

However, in an attempt to clarify, let me just explain that I am a
graduate student (hopefully not for much longer) and in my time as a
student I have been constantly dealing with rude, arrogant, and
incompetent tenured faculty who treat graduate students like dirt, and
don't believe they need to do their jobs properly (teaching or research)
since they are tenured, but are more than willing to blame graduate
students for not doing theirs. Frankly, I have grown rather disgusted and
embittered with this treatment.  Hence my off-the-cuff remark, which I
suppose was an attempt at black humour.

I know this is *really* off-topic, but I didn't expect such a violent
reaction, and am writing in an attempt to clear the air.

Please again be assured that I meant no insult or disrespect to you or
anyone else working on ESS, though I fail to see how it could be taken as
insulting by you, though perhaps you interpreted it as an insult to you
and your colleagues. I certainly meant it as insulting to corrupt faculty
(all too common in my experience) but was not addressing this to any
particular institution or group of individuals.

If you have not encountered the kinds of people I am talking about, you
are very lucky.

I have the highest respect for free software developers.


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