calling Splus 6 help from within emacs etc.

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Sat Feb 15 21:30:23 CET 2003

Faheem Mitha <faheem at> writes:

>> > 2) Also, I wanted to point out that ESS currently assumes that the Splus
>> > binary is called Splus6. In fact (at least for Linux) it is called Splus.
>> > Would you consider changing this?
>> I hate it when inciteful does that...  You _CAN_ change it, read the
>> comments in the file ess-site.el...
> Yes, but this will get overwritten at the next upgrade, right? Is there a
> reason not to just change it?

Because a prior release labeled it Splus6, and that did seem  to be
the default for a while (just like Splus5 was for the 5.x series, may
it die, and "Splus" was for 3.x).

>> > 3) Is the ESS-help mailing list available in archived form? There does not
>> > appear to be a link from the web page.
>> It should be somewhere at, I'm not sure of
>> the exact location.  If anyone finds it first, let me know, else I'll
>> find it sometime after I return to work Tuesday.
> I get an "unknown host" for

You might try

It's the same place as the R mailing lists, if that helps.    I'll
look Tuesday when I'm back to a windowed system.

You _CAN_ make changes locally, as well.

Just add the line in your .emacs file that you would've changed in
ess-site.el.  It ought to work.

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