calling Splus 6 help from within emacs etc.

Faheem Mitha faheem at
Sat Feb 15 18:27:33 CET 2003

Dear People,

Some small issues...

1) When trying to run help for Splus 6 on Linux from inside emacs

> help("plot")

I get

emacsclient: can't find socket; have you started the server?

When running this command on the shell, Splus starts up lynx(!). My
question is whether anything can be done to make this work inside emacs.

2) Also, I wanted to point out that ESS currently assumes that the Splus
binary is called Splus6. In fact (at least for Linux) it is called Splus.
Would you consider changing this?

3) Is the ESS-help mailing list available in archived form? There does not
appear to be a link from the web page.

Please cc me, I'm not subscribed to the mailing list. Thanks.


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