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Tue Dec 16 07:49:45 CET 2003

Re: Franconi's emacs

Kieran, thank you for that.

This may well be the preferred emacs for those who do not use
Jan de Leuuw's total bundle and do not want to take their chances
with compiling the current development version.  Everything that I
have tried so far works beautifully, both from an x11 terminal and
by clicking on the icon.

It comes with a recommended .emacs file, to which of course the
code for starting ESS can be added. It has very complete and
clear configuration information, including information that relates
to use with LaTeX and various other applications, and information
on creating a similarly enhanced emacs from scratch.

John Maindonald

On 16/12/2003, at 2:17 PM, Kieran Healy wrote:

> Hi again -
> I didn't experience any problems with 5.2.0beta3 and the mindlube Emacs
> 21.3.50. Everything worked as expected Similarly no problems with 
> Enrico
> Franconi's just-released "Enhanced Carbon Emacs" binary
> (, which is 
> built
> from a more recent CVS distribution. (Its enhancements are some
> latex-friendly additions.)
> Best,
> Kieran
> On 12/16/03 2:47 AM, "Rodney Sparapani" <rsparapa at> wrote:
>>> Hi -
>>> I upgraded to OS X 10.3 (Panther) and installed the carbon build of 
>>> GNU
>>> Emacs from
>>> When I load it, attempting to initialize ESS in the normal way in my
>>> .emacs
>>> -- (load "~/elisp/ess-5.1.24/lisp/ess-site") -- gives the following
>>> error:
>>> An error has occurred while loading `/Users/kjhealy/.emacs':
>>> Invalid read syntax: ?
>>> Which is sadly not very informative to me :(
>>> Is this a known problem? Any ideas how to fix it?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Kieran
>> Kieran:
>> Not a known problem.  I'm using Jaguar, but I haven't heard of any
>> problems with respect to Panther.  Two things to try besides Tony's
>> advice.  The version of GNU Emacs that you are using is an older beta.
>> A more recent beta version is  See
>> for details.  Also, your version
>> of ESS is a little dated.  We haven't released a gamma since then, but
>> there is a more recent beta, 5.2.0beta3, at StatLib and the ESS web
>> page at
>> Rodney
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