Multiple versions of R

Andreas Kiermeier Andreas.Kiermeier at
Thu Dec 11 10:46:40 CET 2003

Thanks Martin - works a treat!



>>>>> "Martin" == Martin Maechler <maechler at> writes:

    Martin> You need to make sure that something like "R-1.7" is in your
    Martin> PATH, i.e., works when typed in a "terminal".

    Martin> Then, use something like {I have} in the equivalent of your
    Martin> ~/.emacs (something like _emacs in Windows I think) :

    Martin> (defun R-1.5 (&optional start-args)
    Martin>   "Call R-1.5, i.e., R version 1.5.1 (2002-06-17) using ESS."
    Martin>   (interactive "P")(let ((inferior-R-program-name "R-1.5"))(R start-args)))
    Martin> (defun R-1.6 (&optional start-args)
    Martin>   "Call R-1.6, i.e., R version 1.6.2 (2003-01-10) using ESS."
    Martin>   (interactive "P")(let ((inferior-R-program-name "R-1.6"))(R start-args)))
    Martin> (defun R-1.7 (&optional start-args)
    Martin>   "Call R-1.7, i.e., R version 1.7.1 (2003-06-16) using ESS."
    Martin>   (interactive "P")(let ((inferior-R-program-name "R-1.7"))(R start-args)))
    Martin> (defun R-1.8 (&optional start-args)
    Martin>   "Call R-1.8, i.e., the latest R version 1.8.x using ESS."
    Martin>   (interactive "P")(let ((inferior-R-program-name "R-1.8"))(R start-args)))

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