starting inferior Splus process iESS[S] for Splus 6.1 release 1 under ESS 5.1.24

Rich Heiberger rmh at
Mon Dec 8 22:58:04 CET 2003

The problems you are reporting are the reason that the S+6 function
for Windows is so complex.  We avoid those problems by the indirect
startup method.  See the long comment beginning on line 149 of
essdsp6w.el for the explanation.

What was going on in your installation that you found a need to replace
the S+6 we provide with your own?  I am sure that we can resolve that
issue by adjusting some variable values.  Cutting down the S+6 as you
attempted will not work.

Please write back with details about what led you to
;; smb steals and modifies this to replace failing function in original install
and I will see if there is a way to get around that without causing
the additional difficulties you now have.


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