starting inferior Splus process iESS[S] for Splus 6.1 release 1 under ESS 5.1.24

Shawn Boles shawn at
Mon Dec 8 22:39:59 CET 2003

Hi All:

Running:  Windows W2K  : emacs 20.7 /ess 5.1.24 / Splus 6.1 R1 


I can start and inferior process for S+6 using M-x S+6 where S+6 is defined as

(setq inferior-S+6-program-name  "C:/Program Files/Insightful/splus61/cmd/SPLUS.exe")
;; smb steals and modifies this to replace failing function in original install
(defun S+6 (&optional proc-name)
  "Call 'Splus6', based on S version 4, from Bell Labs.
New way to do it."
  (setq ess-customize-alist S+6-customize-alist)
   (format "\n(S+6): ess-dialect=%s, buf=%s\n" ess-dialect (current-buffer)))

S+ opens and command window is displayed with '>' prompt.
The iESS buffer is created (no prompt is displayed)

I get msg saying:

Timeout waiting for prompt. Check inferior-ess-prompt or ess-loop-timeout.

I am able to submit S source code to the process from an .ssc file in 'ESS[S] [S+6]  : run' buffer (i.e., I am asked for process and code appears in iESS buffer and get a finished evaluation message in mini-buffer),  but at that point the system hangs with no output in S+6 command window..  Any subsequent submission from the ESS buffer has same result.

Submitting code to mini-buffer from iESS buffer  'eval >'  via  C-c C-t yields message:

Loading line: objects ...
Starting evaluation...
Finished evaluation
Commands: d, s, x, u; f, o, 1, 2, m, v; ~, %; q to quit; ? for help. [3 times]
ESS process not ready. Finish your command before trying again.

inferior-ess-prompt's value is :

  '\\([a-zA-Z0-9() ]*> ?\\|+ ?\\)

I have tried doubling the default for  ess-loop-timeout to no avail.

I cannot quit using  C-c C-q  (i.e,  q())  but must quit from S+6 itself. Result in iESS buffer is:

Process S+6 exited abnormally with code 57665 at Mon Dec 08 13:30:25 2003

 I can invoke S+6 then use S+6-existing to get a ddeESS buffer and submitted code is successfully processed by S+6 program but I cannot
 Quit the program via C-c C-q

Any help appreciated,

Shawn Boles, Ph.D.
Senior Research Associate
Oregon Research Institute
1715 Franklin Blvd.
Eugene, Oregon 97403-1983
Phone (541) 484-2123 ext 2225
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