winjava device on S-Plus 6.1 for Windows

Rich Heiberger rmh at
Fri Oct 11 06:49:57 CEST 2002

Insightful has introduced the library(winjava) and the java device for
S-Plus 6.1 for Windows.  This new device allows the ESS user to run S-Plus 6.1
inside an *S+6* buffer in emacs, in the normal style that Unix users expect,
and to get interactive graphics.

   Start S-Plus 6.1 from emacs with the M-x Sqpe+6 command.
   Open the new library with
   I recommend setting the Graph Window Options to "New Page".
   Behave as you would on a Unix machine.

Prior to 6.1, S-Plus on Windows was limited to one of two behaviors:

a. The GUI, with interactive graphics and one-way communication
to the S-Plus Commands Window as described in the ESS file
In summary, the normal C-c C-n and C-c C-r commands send lines from
the myfile.s buffer to the S-Plus Commands window and the results
appear in the S-Plus Commands window.  The read-only *S+6* buffer is
necessary for the communication.

b. The familiar Unix-style text-based interaction in the *S+6* buffer
(using M-x Sqpe+6) but without interactive graphics.  Static graphics to
a postscript driver was available.

Further discussion is in the article doc/ess-intro.pdf (in section 3.2
Interactive Processing) of the update ESS-5.1.24.  I recommend that
you update to ESS-5.1.24.

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