Starting an S Process with Arguments

A.J. Rossini rossini at
Thu Nov 21 18:52:29 CET 2002

>>>>> "ed" == Ed Kademan <kademan at> writes:

    >> We could edit the R startup to allow for it.

    ed> Are you acknowledging that there is a bug that needs fixing?  Or are
    ed> you telling me that I should edit the "R startup"---whatever that is?

Yes to the first, no to the second.

It's a bug by omission - we never envisioned needing to start up
S-PLUS that way.

    ed> The documentation for ess mode says that you can pass arguments to the
    ed> executable by specifying them in the variable
    ed> `inferior-S_PROGRAM_NAME-args' (where you replace S_PROGRAM_NAME with
    ed> the program name).  This doesn't work, and I guess I'm suggesting that
    ed> at the very least you delete that paragraph.

Thanks, we'll have to do that.

    ed> By the way, I tried following David Brahm's advice by doing
    ed>   (custom-set-variables '(inferior-ess-start-args "-j"))
    ed> but this only worked as long as I used Splus and nothing else.  After
    ed> starting up an R process the `inferior-ess-start-args' variable became
    ed> the empty string "" and subsequent Splus sessions did not get the "-j"
    ed> argument.

Correct.  The real solution is to have inferior-S+6-start-args
working.  I'll have to check on this, probably this weekend (unless
someone gets to it first).

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