Problem with ESS 21, S-Plus 6 on Windows 2000

Jeff Mincy jeff at
Wed Jun 19 21:22:51 CEST 2002

On Wed, 19 Jun 2002, rmh at wrote:

> 1.  From the ntemacs C-h f
>> w32-short-file-name is a built-in function.
>> (w32-short-file-name FILENAME)
>> Return the short file name version (8.3) of the full path of FILENAME.
>> If FILENAME does not exist, return nil.
>> All path elements in FILENAME are converted to their short names.
> We use it avoid the problems that show up with embedded blanks in file
> names.  I would hope that xemacs has a way to solve that problem.
> The short names are automatically printed by the MSDOS dir command
> in w98 and w95, and printed when you enter a switch on w2000.  I think
> it is    dir/x   but I am not working on my w2000 machine right now to
> verify.
> I would appreciate it if you, or another user of xemacs for windows,
> would search the xemacs lisp code for a function that finds the short
> names.  I will then install it into ESS.  Since this is a built-in
> function, it is not possible to just move the lisp code over to xemacs.

The function is builtin (defined at least since 2.1.13 in ntproc.c)
in windows xemacs.

i* win32-short-file-name          - Return the short file name version (8.3) of the full path of FILENAME.

The function is not defined in the unix xemacs.

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