Problem with ESS 21, S-Plus 6 on Windows 2000

Rich Heiberger rmh at
Wed Jun 19 20:38:59 CEST 2002

1.  From the ntemacs C-h f
> w32-short-file-name is a built-in function.
> (w32-short-file-name FILENAME)
> Return the short file name version (8.3) of the full path of FILENAME.
> If FILENAME does not exist, return nil.
> All path elements in FILENAME are converted to their short names.

We use it avoid the problems that show up with embedded blanks in file
names.  I would hope that xemacs has a way to solve that problem.

The short names are automatically printed by the MSDOS dir command
in w98 and w95, and printed when you enter a switch on w2000.  I think
it is    dir/x   but I am not working on my w2000 machine right now to

I would appreciate it if you, or another user of xemacs for windows,
would search the xemacs lisp code for a function that finds the short
names.  I will then install it into ESS.  Since this is a built-in
function, it is not possible to just move the lisp code over to xemacs.

2.  Interactive graphics is not possible with Sqpe as distributed by
Insightful and therefore not with M-x Sqpe.  We document this in the
installation instructions for ESS:

   C-h i               for *info*
   C-s ess RET RET     for ESS
   m installation RET
   m Microsoft RET
   C-s interactive     read this paragraph

This is a design characteristic of the Windows port of S-Plus.
Interactive graphics is only available with the GUI.  Sqpe permits
batch-style graphics, for example with the postscript().

You can use Sqpe and postscript() for delayed-interactive graphics.

a. start the postscript() or trellis.device(postscript)

b. plot two graphs,

c. Go to the dired for your working directory and locate the file.  The dired will not show the .ps file until the
second plot is sent from S-Plus.  Once the second plot is sent, the
file will appear and show 0 bytes.

d. Open the 0-byte file with ghostview.  The first plot is visible.

e. Send the third plot from S-Plus

f. Go back to ghostview and click on the graph.  The file will reload
and now the first and second plots are visible.

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