ESS Can not Invoke SAS on NT

Rich Heiberger rmh at
Wed Feb 6 22:40:54 CET 2002

To make bash the shell from within emacs, add the following to your

;;; shell on windows to bash

;;; this sequence is designed to be occupy several lines
;;; in emacs/emacs-21.1.90/site-lisp/site-start.el

;;; This file requires no changes to run in a different path.
;;; When it is installed in the ../emacs/emacs-21.1.90/site-lisp/
;;; directory, it will know where it is.  For example, if we are in
;;; "c:/emacs/emacs-21.1.90/site-lisp/site-start.el" then
;;; `where' is "c:/"

;;; It also assume that emacs and cygwin are parallel in the directory
;;; structure, that is, that you are working with, for example,
;;;    c:/emacs/emacs-21.1.90/
;;;    c:/cygwin/bin/bash.exe

(make-local-variable 'where)
(setq where (file-name-directory
	     (file-truename (concat load-file-name "/../../.."))))
(make-local-variable 'progra~1)
(setq progra~1 (concat where "progra~1/"))
(make-local-variable 'cygwin)
(make-local-variable 'cygwin-bin)
(make-local-variable 'cygwin-bash)
(setq cygwin (concat where "cygwin"))
(setq cygwin-bin (concat cygwin "/bin"))
(setq cygwin-bash (concat cygwin-bin "/bash.exe"))
(setenv "COMSPEC" cygwin-bash)
(setenv "SHELL" cygwin-bash)
(setq shell-file-name cygwin-bash)
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