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An html version of the documentation should be in the doc/html
sub-directory of your distribution.  If not, then it is also available
online @

As far as how people learn about emacs and ESS goes...  People have
problems that only emacs and/or ESS can solve.  They know what their
problems are and they start looking for solutions.  If emacs/ESS doesn't
seem to solve their problem, then they ask on this mailing list if
anybody has a solution.  And, hopefully somebody does.  If not, then the
person who asksed might create a solution and contribute it to the

> Hello,
> I would like to get a hard copy version of the ESS user manual, and I
> don't have ready access to a TeX installation.  I downloaded the latest
> release of ESS but couldn't find any versions of the manual other than
> the .texi and .info files.  So I would be grateful if someone could
> send me a copy (preferably a PDF) of the latest version of the manual?
> I'm also curious to know whether there are pre-defined abbreviations
> for S/R programming?
> Finally, in my efforts to rejuvenate my very rusty Emacs skills, I've
> been monitoring the posts on this list.  Recently, I've seen references
> to the following:  noweb, bibcite, and refex, among others.  After
> poking around some in the Emacs manual and FAQ, I've found some
> information that there are noweb and reftex (minor?) modes, but I still
> haven't figured what they're used for.  And is bibcite an external
> package like AUCTeX?  This, I guess, leads to a perhaps a more general
> observation that finding out about the features and capabilities of
> Emacs (and ESS?) happens mostly either by a) reading the code or b)
> word of mouth?  Is this an over-simplification on my part?
> Many thanks for your time and patience,
> -Paul
> Paul A. Schwarz, Ph.D.
> Department of Forest Science
> 342 Richardson Hall
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> Corvallis, Oregon 97331-5752
> paul.schwarz at oregonstate.edu
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> Subject: Release of ESS 5.1.23
>>    Changes/New Features in 5.1.22:
>>    * Besides info documentation, PDF and HTML documentation are also
>>      provided (instead of built using "make") and available on the web
>>      as well; see ESS web page
>>      (http://software.biostat.washington.edu/ess/doc) and StatLib
>>      (http://lib.stat.cmu.edu/general/ESS/doc)
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