Release of ESS 5.1.23

Schwarz, Paul at
Fri Aug 9 20:08:48 CEST 2002


I would like to get a hard copy version of the ESS user manual, and I don't
have ready access to a TeX installation.  I downloaded the latest release of
ESS but couldn't find any versions of the manual other than the .texi and
.info files.  So I would be grateful if someone could send me a copy
(preferably a PDF) of the latest version of the manual?

I'm also curious to know whether there are pre-defined abbreviations for S/R

Finally, in my efforts to rejuvenate my very rusty Emacs skills, I've been
monitoring the posts on this list.  Recently, I've seen references to the
following:  noweb, bibcite, and refex, among others.  After poking around
some in the Emacs manual and FAQ, I've found some information that there are
noweb and reftex (minor?) modes, but I still haven't figured what they're
used for.  And is bibcite an external package like AUCTeX?  This, I guess,
leads to a perhaps a more general observation that finding out about the
features and capabilities of Emacs (and ESS?) happens mostly either by a)
reading the code or b) word of mouth?  Is this an over-simplification on my

Many thanks for your time and patience,


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From: "Martin Maechler" <maechler at>
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Sent: Wednesday, August 07, 2002 6:13 AM
Subject: Release of ESS 5.1.23

>    Changes/New Features in 5.1.22:
>    * Besides info documentation, PDF and HTML documentation are also
>      provided (instead of built using "make") and available on the web
>      as well; see ESS web page
>      ( and StatLib
>      (
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