Release of ESS 5.1.23

Martin Maechler maechler at
Wed Aug 7 15:13:41 CEST 2002

The ESS Developers proudly announce the release of ESS 5.1.23

    {I'm doing this now since others of use are already `on their way'
     to the Joint Meetings in NY.
     The main work of the latest release was really done by Rodney
     who should receive most of the praises.
     However, we the ESS Developers are responsible as a group,
     as always -- MM.

     The following are really excerpts from the file  ANNOUNCE
     found in the toplevel directory of the ESS bundle.

Getting the Latest Version

   The latest stable version of ESS is always available on the web at:
ESS web page ( 
or {a bit later} at StatLib (

   The latest public version of ESS can also be retrieved via cvs
client.  If you have a firewall, then you may need to take appropriate

   The repository name is
     :pserver:anoncvs at

   Using a command-line cvs client (i.e. on Unix or DOS), first type:
     cvs -d :pserver:anoncvs at login

   The password is "anoncvs".

   Then type:
     cvs -d :pserver:anoncvs at co ess

New Features

   Changes/New Features in 5.1.23:
   * The version number is now correct even inside ESS/Emacs

   * Minor more Makefile clean up.

   Changes/New Features in 5.1.22:
   * Besides info documentation, PDF and HTML documentation are also
     provided (instead of built using "make") and available on the web
     as well; see ESS web page
     ( and StatLib

   * Now that info documentation is available, the README.* files are
     no longer supported.  However, they are still distributed for what
     it's worth.

   * ESS is now an XEmacs package!  See XEmacs Installation HOWTO
     ( for details
     (specifically, items 10-15).

   * ESS[SAS]: more user-friendly enhancements for remote SAS batch
     jobs with Kermit file transfers (LOG and OUTPUT function key
     features now supported).  Multiple shells now supported so you can
     run SAS on different computers from different buffers by setting
     the buffer-local variable ess-sas-shell-buffer to unique buffer

   * Major re-vamping of Makefile/Makeconf.

   Changes/New Features in 5.1.21:
   * ESS[SAS]: info documentation now available!, see ESS->Help for
     SAS; F12 opens GSASFILE nearest point for viewing either within
     emacs, when available, or via an external viewer; more syntax
     highlighting keywords; more enhancements for remote SAS batch jobs
     with Kermit; new framework for remote SAS interactive jobs, see

   * ESS[S]: info documentation now available!, see ESS->Help for the S

   * Makefile: tag now independent of rel; info files made by
     doc/Makefile and installed in new info sub-directory

   Changes/New Features in 5.1.20:
   * New `options()$STERM' in the S dialects (S, S-Plus, R).  The S
     program can determine the environment in which it is currently
     running.  ESS sets the option to `iESS' or `ddeESS' when it starts
     an S language process.  We recommend other specific values for S
     language processes that ESS does not start.

   * New `ess-mouse-me' function, assigned to S-mouse-3 by default.
     User may click on a word or region and then choose from the menu
     to display the item, or a summary, or a plot, etc.  This feature
     is still under development.

   * GNU Emacs 21.1 is now supported (fixed for S dialects, SAS & BUGS),
     (some from Stephen Eglen).

   * XEmacs 21.x is now supported (fixed w32-using-nt bug)

   * XEmacs on Win (NT) is better supported.

   * Workaround for bug in Sqpe+6 (S-PLUS 6 for Win).

   * should now work even when imenu is not available (for old

   * ESS[SAS]: XEmacs-Imenu fix; C-TAB is globalized along with your
     function-key definitions, if specified; you can specify your SAS
     library definitions outside of for ess-sas-data-view
     with SAS code placed in the variable ess-sas-data-view-libname,
     also the dataset name is defaulted to the nearest permanent dataset
     to point; Speedbar support now works for permanent datasets, please
     ignore first./last.; new font-locking is now the default with more
     improvements for font-locking PROCs, macro statements, * ; and %* ;
     comments; you can toggle sas-log-mode with F10 which will font-lock
     your .log (if it isn't too big); submit remote .sas files accessed
     with ange-ftp, EFS or Tramp (Kermit is experimental) by setting
     ess-sas-submit-method to 'sh; ess-sas-submit-command and
     ess-sas-submit-command-options are buffer-local so you can have
     local file variable sections at the end of your .sas files to
     request different executables or specify special options and the
     local file variables are re-read at submit instead of only at file
     open so that if you make a change it is picked up immediately;

   * ESS[BUGS]: font-lock with `in' fixed.

   * for STATA: font-lock bug fixed.

   * for Rd mode: C-c C-v and `switch-process' in menu.  further, C-c
     C-f prefix (Rd-font) for inserting or surrounding a word by things
     such as \code{.}, \code{\link{.}}, \emph{.} etc.

   * new functions (ess-directory-function) and (ess-narrow-to-defun)
     ess-directory <-> default-directory logic (Jeff Mincy).

   * Re-organized Makefile and fixed a few bugs.

__changes of older versions are found in the ESS documentation__

For the ESS developers:

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