Annoying hilighting with ESS and emacs 21.2.1

Pierre Kleiber pkleiber at
Wed Aug 7 04:38:00 CEST 2002

Never mind... I found it:  (setq comint-highlight-input nil)

Cheers, Pierre

Pierre Kleiber wrote:

> I've been useing ess-5.1.20 to run R1.5.1 on Linux RH7.2.  I have just
> upgraded emacs to version 21.2.1.  All seems well except... when I
> move the mouse pointer onto some, but not all, of the previous command
> lines in the *R* buffer, the text of the line is hilighted with dark
> green background, the whole thing blinks, and a bubble appears
> proclaiming "Mouse-2: insert after prompt as new input".  The bubble
> is lying -- it takes CR or Alt-CR to insert as new input; Mouse-2
> doesn't do it.  Furthermore, the green background trumps the shading
> for region and secondary selection and the location of point.  This is
> quite annoying.  Please... is there some way to turn off the
> hilighting, the blinking and the bubble?
>    Cheers, Pierre

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