ESS and splus6

Rich Heiberger rmh at
Mon Aug 5 06:01:08 CEST 2002

Apparently you are running MSDOS prompt as your shell.  Therefore you
need to run
M-x S+6-msdos-existing
to connect with S+6.

The S+6-existing is designed to work with the cygwin bash shell.  Cygwin
provides a complete Unix environment that runs under windows.

The S+6-msdos-existing is designed to work with the msdos prompt shell.

We recommend that you set you HOME environment variable to something
appropriate,  I use
    set HOME=c:\rmh
in my c:\autoexec.bat on W9x and by clicking on the right menus for W2000.
That will change the default that ESS gives you to something sensible for you.
You definitely do not want to place anything inside the emacs-21.2/ directory

You may ignore the .S+6history message.  The next time you use S+6, the M-p
commands will use the history to back up through earlier sessions.

If there are further questions, ask again to ess-help at

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