"defadvice" solved, new problem with help

Liaw, Andy andy_liaw at merck.com
Sun Apr 28 14:23:35 CEST 2002

Thanks to Tony Rossini and Jeff Mincy for their help on my question about
"defadvice".  The problem is now gone.

[The way I resolved it is *very* simple:  I un-install XEmacs from the G:
drive and re-install it on the C: drive.  The problem just disappear.  Go
figure that!]

Now I have a new problem:  When I type ?<anything> at the R prompt under
iESS, the help page doesn't show up.  Instead, I get a message in the
mini-buffer that says "ESS process not ready.  Finish your command before
trying again".  Typing help("plot") gives the same thing.  Can anyone help?

BTW, the c-c c-q for R now works perfectly on NT.  Thanks very much for the


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> >>>>> "andy" == Andy Liaw <Liaw> writes:
>     andy> Dear ESS-help,
>     andy> I'm getting an error at XEmacs startup when 
> ess-site.el is loaded.  First,
>     andy> the system:
>     andy> WinNT4, XEmacs 21.4.6, ess-5.1.21
>     andy> When XEmacs starts, it complains that 
>     andy> Symbol's function definition is void: defadvice
>     andy> I found "defadvice" in ess.el.  Does anyone know 
> how to resolve this?
> You need the customize package.  Is this a new version of XEmacs?
> best,
> -tony
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