5.1.20, dired

Joseph Collins collins at arl.army.mil
Thu Apr 4 20:08:53 CEST 2002

If one is in a valid chapter directory, then Splus uses that as the working directory.
Otherwise it tries to use ~/MySwork, and if that is invalid it creates and uses ~/Schapter$$.

Anyway, ESS 5.1.19 works as it should but 5.1.20 doesn't work in dired when I try to use the default directory.

 In my naivete I assume that ESS is somehow responsible for the difference.

--- joe

"A.J. Rossini" <rossini at blindglobe.net>@stat.math.ethz.ch on 04/04/2002
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I think it really is a matter of knowing how Splus 6 works.  I don't.
But from what little misinformation I have, I suspect that if there
is a chapter present, it uses that, else it uses the home directory.
You probably have to read the manuals to figure it out.


>>>>> "joseph" == Joseph Collins <collins at arl.army.mil> writes:

    joseph> re: ESS 5.1.20, GNU Emacs 20.5.2, S-PLUS 6.0.1 Rel 1, IRIX64

    joseph> Greetings all ---

    joseph> If I do M-x S in a dired window on ~/S/work then I get the
    correct prompt
    joseph>   ESS [S(S+6): Splus6] starting data directory? ~/S/work/
    joseph> I press enter and then S-PLUS starts with
    joseph>   Creating data directory for chapter
    joseph> which it does:
    >> search()[1]
    joseph>   [1] "/vld/collins/Schapter1174419"

    joseph> Quit and start over.  If I open a file in the said directory
    and then do
    joseph> M-x S in the file I get the usual prompt, and then S-PLUS
    starts correctly.
    >> search()[1]
    joseph>   [1] "/vld/collins/S/work/"

    joseph> If I start in a dired window and change the start directory
    joseph> from the default at the prompt, behavior is correct.

    joseph> This happens on two such machines.  ESS 5.1.19 is OK.

    joseph> Furthermore, if I alter the Splus6 script to read
    joseph>   for dir in $HOME/MySwork $HOME/Szzzchapter$$
    joseph> instead of
    joseph>   for dir in $HOME/MySwork $HOME/Schapter$$
    joseph> I still get the above behavior (NO zzz).

    joseph> I am stymied.

    joseph> --- joe

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