ESS 5.1.19 and S+6 on Solaris - invocation with arguments - 2nd request

Shawn Boles shawn at
Tue Oct 9 02:07:03 CEST 2001

I thank David Brahm for his suggestion below. I used 

  ;; set the argument for ess s+6
  (setq inferior-ess-start-args "-j") in my-init-command in my .emacs which
runs after site-init.

This works, but is in conflict with the instructions in the 

"If you need to call this program with any arguments, the variable you need
to set is dependent on the value of inferior-ess-program; for example if it
is "Splus", set the variable inferior-Splus-args to a string of arguments to
the Splus program. If inferior-ess-program has some other value,
substitute the Splus part of inferior-Splus-args with the appropriate
program name. There aren't many instances where you need to call S with
arguments, however: in particular do not call the S program with the `-e'
command-line editor argument since ESS provides this feature for you."

Again thanks,

- Shawn Boles

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Shawn Boles <shawn at> wrote:
> [ess 5.1.19 with emacs 20.2.3]
> [S+6] dumps at the point where I call for a java.graph in my .First file.
> assume this is because I should be invoking S+6 with an argument of '-j'.
> confess that I have not been able to follow the directions in the
> installation instructions with respect to setting 'inferior-Splus-args'
> Where would be place to do this.

Try this in your .emacs file:
 '(inferior-ess-start-args "-j"))

You can also have this generated for you interactively through the
Help > Customize > Apropos... menu.

                   -- David Brahm (brahm at
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