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Thu Oct 4 19:58:35 CEST 2001

>>>>> "BR" == B Rowlingson <B.Rowlingson at> writes:

    BR> Hi Tony, has there been any more work on ESS for R? I'm using
    BR> 5.1.19 with R-1.3.1 and it still wont do a dump of a new
    BR> object and insert a function template!  It seems to be because
    BR> dump() in R on a non-existent object produces an empty file
    BR> which cant be happily matched with a regular expression.

Known bug, and you now understand why :-(.
    BR>  I could butcher the code so it works with R but it'll
    BR> probably break all the other languages. Since I don't use them
    BR> that's not a problem for me.

Other thoughts have been along the lines of a
"ess-R-create-new-template" function, which just creates a new

    BR>  Also, the email rossini at bounced:

    BR>   rossini at SMTP error from remote mailer
    BR> after RCPT TO:<rossini at>: host
    BR> []: 550 relaying to
    BR> <rossini at> prohibited by administrator

Where did you find that?  I've tried to obliterate all connections to
that.  All "@biostat" addresses are invalid at this point.  (some are
obviously replaced by "@u", others have had to change the userid of
the email).

BTW, in the future, it would be best to send to ess-help or ess-bugs
-- I'm a bit preoccupied to actually code this week or next.

(and I'm forwarding to ess-help, to see if anyone has solved this).


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