ESS and Sas keys.

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Try placing setq before the require, i.e.

(setq ess-sas-local-pc-keys t)
(setq ess-sas-submit-command "c:/progra~1/sas/sas.exe")
(require 'ess-site)


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>I am trying to run SAS under ESS, I have done it lots of times before under
>5.1.16 and 5.1.18 but it is the first time under 5.1.19. The keys F2-F8 are
>not bounded to what the documentation says they should; in fact F6-F8 are
>not bounded to anything and the others have the standard Emacs bounding?
>In my .emacs file I have the following sas related code:
>(require 'ess-site)
>(setq ess-sas-local-pc-keys nil)
>(setq ess-sas-local-pc-keys t)
>(setq ess-sas-submit-command "c:/progra~1/sas/sas.exe")
>I think I followed pretty closely the instructions in the "README.SAS" file.
>Thanks for your help,
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