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Tue Mar 13 15:47:23 CET 2001

>>>>> "JG" == Jan Goebel <jgoebel at> writes:

    JG> Hello all, i found in the last README's of the ESS-dist
    JG> everytime the note "* SPSS dialects (SPSS, Fiasco (GNU
    JG> project)) (under development)"

    JG> Are their any news to this feature, because i *must* use
    JG> sometimes SPSS and i would be very happy if i can use it with
    JG> emacs+ess?

    JG> So, does anybody know anything about this?

We might be able to get an editing mode working, but it is highly
unlikely that we'll get process interaction under Windows.  Last I
checked, Unix SPSS is deprecated, and going away?

I suspect that we'll remove that at some point; unfortunately, there
is little rationale reason to use SPSS, except for:
        1. it might be required by someone important to do something.
        2. you need a cut-and-click tool,
especially since R now will read some SPSS data formats.

However, we've never said no to contributions, and I personally would
be happy to help with writing an editing mode, and exploring process
interface possibilities.


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