ESS in windows

Rich Heiberger rmh at
Sun Mar 4 21:45:04 CET 2001

you caught your own error.  good move.

The only other thing I see is old software.  Emacs 20.4 is July 1999.
The current release is 20.7 dated June 13, 2000.
Ditto for ESS, 5.1.9 is also summer 1999.  The current release is
5.1.18 with 5.1.19 due "any day now".

I also recommend that you change the default starting directory for
emacs to you own personal directory.  For me that is the directory
"C:\rmh".  For you it might be "F:\"

Do so by right-clicking on the Runemacs icon, go to the shortcut tab,
and then change the value in "Start in:" to  "F:"

The intent of this recommendation is to help protect you from accidentally
changing files in the emacs directory.

I also recommend that ess be placed parallel to emacs, not under emacs.
And neither of them belong under Stats as they are system software not'
statistical software.  Thus in your setup I would recommend

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