starting ESS[S] under xemacs-21.4.3

Martin Maechler maechler at
Wed Jun 27 16:09:14 CEST 2001

>>>>> "Thomas" == Thomas Gerds <gerds at> writes:

    Thomas> hi,

    Thomas> this seems to be a minor problem but ...

    Thomas> under (the new) xemacs-21.4.3 with ESS-1.5.16 
    Thomas> an error occurs if (and only if) i start "vm" 
    Thomas> previously to ESS[S] (via M-x "S"): "no ESS Process running now" 

    Thomas> the problem seems to be connected to the variable 
    Thomas> "ess-local-process-name":
    Thomas> edebugging the function ess-multi shows that iff 
    Thomas> i start "vm" first, the function "ess-make-buffer-current"
    Thomas> returns nil ...

    Thomas> any suggestions?

    Thomas> best,

I'm using vm all the time (and I think Kurt Hornik as well), even occasionally
in the same emacs as ESS[R] or even ESS[S+].
I have never seen the above problem.  
Note however that  vm  is very configurable and we probably have different
defaults, and further note that I use GNU emacs rather than XEmacs.

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