starting ESS[S] under xemacs-21.4.3

A.J. Rossini rossini at
Wed Jun 27 15:15:15 CEST 2001

>>>>> "TG" == Thomas Gerds <gerds at> writes:

    TG> under (the new) xemacs-21.4.3 with ESS-1.5.16 an error occurs
    TG> if (and only if) i start "vm" previously to ESS[S] (via M-x
    TG> "S"): "no ESS Process running now"

    TG> the problem seems to be connected to the variable
    TG> "ess-local-process-name": edebugging the function ess-multi
    TG> shows that iff i start "vm" first, the function
    TG> "ess-make-buffer-current" returns nil ...

    TG> any suggestions?

I'll take a look later today (and maybe incorp your ESS SAS changes at
the same time, finally).

I'm wondering if vm defadvice's any of the function calls in

(the other solution is to run a real^H^H^H^Hdifferent emacs mailer
like gnus :-)


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