Ess hangs emacs sometimes

Rich Heiberger rmh at
Wed Jun 20 22:07:12 CEST 2001

Far from being deprecated, your preference for working with the R source
and sending it to *R* with C-c C-r is also my preference.

I can't find anything called section 4.4 in the info (C-h i ess) and I
can't find anything that says evaluate region is obsolete.  I am not
sure what you mean when you say "ess manual".

R/S Commands sent by the C-c C-<whatever> ess commands do appear in the
*R* buffer and are not recorded by the emacs history process.  The idea
as I understand it is that control is in myfile.r so why bother with
keeping history in the *R* buffer?

If you do want to reissue a command from the *R* buffer, you can page
up to that command (or search with C-s) and then press the Enter key.
The entire (possibly multiple-line) command will be sent over with a
single keystroke.

I don't recognize the freezing of emacs that you run into.  Since I am
currently using Windows I assume you are seeing a linux-specific behavior
rather than an ESS behavior.  One of the other ESS developers will respond
to that issue.

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