Ess hangs emacs sometimes

Paul E Johnson pauljohn at
Wed Jun 20 19:29:38 CEST 2001

I am trying to use ESS in a way which I think is deprecated, so this is
my own fault, I guess.  Under Linux (Redhat 7.1) I I've just installed
ess 5.18 .  I realize the manual says in 4.4 that the eval procedures
I'm using are "obsolete", but I don't see how else to get the job done. 
I feel old fashioned to admit this, but I don't want to interact with R,
command by command. I just want it to run my jobs, and to create the
jobs, I want to use ESS.

I want to have a text file of commands.  I don't want a transcript,
because I don't want results in there.  Just commands.  I edit that,
highlight some commands, and evaluate them with the ESS menu Evaluate or
Evaluate_and_go.  I see what happens, then I revise the commands, re
evaluate.  In the end, I have a working file that other people can use
with source(). 

Maybe I don't understand the way ESS is intended to work with Emacs?

Anyway, I have 2 particular problems:

1.  This procedure works most of the time, except sometimes emacs itself
locks up tight, immediately after i highlight a region and choose
Eval_and_go/region.  And in the Emacs status bar there is a message
something like "Starting evaluation in R". The whole emacs process is
dead after that.

2. The commands I submit through this evaluate procedure do not show up
in the R history.
In section 4.4 of the ess manual, it says commands do not by default
show in the ess process window, but in my system they do show, but they
aren't part of the R history, so I can't scroll back through them with
cntrl-arrow keys.
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