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Tim Hesterberg x319 timh at
Wed Aug 22 17:37:48 CEST 2001

>On Wed, 8 Aug 2001, Jo Rean Sicks wrote:
>> We are in the process of switching from Splus3.4 and
>> S-mode/gnuemacs-19.28.1 to Splus6.0 and ESS-5.1.9/Xemacs-21.1.14.  Since
>> Splus60 isn't listed as an option, we made S+5 link to the command
>> Splus60.  The main problem we're having is with the helpfiles.

Bill Dunlap wrote:
>One workaround is to call
>	options(help.pager="slynx -dump")
>('slynx' is a version of lynx modified for use with Splus help files.)
>This dumps the whole formatted help file into your buffer and you can
>use emacs to page through it.  However, the links will not work.

Here's a variation on that:
	options(help.pager = "slynx -dump -nolist")
This prevents the non-working links from being shown.

Please let me know if that doesn't work for anyone, in which case I
might revise the following text in the help file for help (i.e. help(help)):

          a character string naming a pager program with which to page
          through the help file. The pager program is passed the name of
          an HTML file as an argument and should be able to read from
          that file. By default, options("help.pager") is used as the
          pager. The default value for the help.pager option is slynx,
          which is a slightly modified version of the lynx terminal-based
          HTML browser. Useful alternatives include pager="slynx -dump
          -nolist" to print the help text in the same window where S-PLUS
          is running, and pager="netscape" to print the help text in a
          Netscape window. If help.running() returns TRUE, the pager
          argument is ignored for all existing help files.

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