Help for ESS for Splus6 in Linux

Rich Heiberger rmh at
Tue Aug 21 23:02:59 CEST 2001

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To answer your specific questions, I recommend that you never use dump.
Instead, you should construct a file c:/mys/myproject.s that has all
the function definitions that you will be using, and the calls to those
functions.  Thus you would have the definitions for 
f1 <- function(a,b,d) {}
f2 <- function(a,b,d) {}
f3 <- function(a,b,d) {}

etcetera and also the calls


answer1 <- f2(f1(1,2,3), f3(3,4,5), 12)

This file, myproject.s, is the document that you work with.  When you
change the definition of the functions, do so here.  Then highlight
the region containing the changed function and send it back to S with
C-c C-r (ess-eval-region).  There is never a need to use the dump because
the functions are already in the file myproject.s

Look at the file ess-5.1.19/doc/README.S in the section
    Philosophies for using ESS
and particularly look at the scenarios that are labeled (source code is real)

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