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Thank you for your help but I still have the question of loading the s
function to S. For example, if I have a directory mys which contains _Data,
I should start from mys. Is that correct?
Now if I add the lines you recommended in .emacs and start from a directory
containing _Data and dump a new function for editing. Then I use c-c c-l (I
do not want to use c-c c-b to execute the function because I usually have
several parameters I want to pass to the function, or I may want to pass the
output of this function call to another object). Would this load the new
function I just edited or do I have to use source to load it?
Kevin Hou

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>>>>> "KH" == Kevin Hou <Hou> writes:

    KH> I am new in ESS and have a simple (I hope) question in loading
    KH> s functions.  If I use c-c c-d to dump an existing function
    KH> such as my.existing.s and edit it, I can load it with c-c c-l
    KH> with no problem.

Actually, if you are editing it, c-c c-b from the buffer will "load"
it as well.

    KH> with no problem. However, if I dump an non-existing function,
    KH> say c-c c-d new.function.s and edit it, then I can not load it
    KH> with c-c c-l. It goes to a tmp directory. Do I have to source
    KH> it in from this directory every time I write a new function or
    KH> is there a easier way to load a user written function. I like
    KH> to write functions and then execute it within s because it
    KH> instead of writing codes. Any help?  Kevin Hou

Something like:

(setq ess-source-directory
      (lambda () (file-name-as-directory
                   (concat (default-directory)  ;(CAR ess-search-list)
                           ess-suffix "-src")))))

will dump stuff in a subdirectory, R-src or S-src, of your current
working directory (running S/R), rather than in /tmp.

Then you can load out of that sub-directory.  

Since I usually edit out of the subdirectory, I just make sure to
start one-level up, and load files from the subdirectory as needed for
editing (I almost never use C-c C-l, mainly C-c C-b, C-c C-r, C-c C-f,
and C-c C-n from the source code buffers that I'm editing).


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